And we’re on a mission to help title companies put prior policies to work

Our Story

During our years in the title industry, we noticed that most companies do not utilize prior policies ever again after the initial title search.

  • We simply – Could. Not. Believe. It.

    The time, effort, and cost that goes into pulling a complete title search.

    We knew we had a problem to help solve.

    How can we empower companies to get the most out of their prior investment?

  • This led us to create Razi Exchange

    The only open market exchange for the title community to buy & sell policies, organize & search existing policies in their database, all the while generating new business leads from existing data.

    We believe EVERYONE deserves to take full advantage of prior policies in the closing process.

    We created Razi Exchange to even the playing field.

Story 1

Lili Farhandi
CEO & Co-founder

Story 2

Robert Zwink
CTO & Co-founder

The world’s fastest growing title companies trust us with their policies.

Our Mission

Razi enables a more efficient title transfer by providing insanely fast and accurate access to prior policies.

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