Use prior policies to

make the title search more efficient

Razi helps title professionals get maximum utilization
out of existing policies.

Watch each title search become

quicker and less expensive

Title professionals use the Razi community to exchange prior policies, create efficiency in the title search, shorten the time to close, and unlock new business.

Search the open market

Purchase prior policies to help streamline your title search. Sell your prior policies to unlock new revenue sources.

Organized policies

Know how to find and use existing prior policies in your database. No more digging around for hours, simply search a keyword.

Generate more leads

Use your prior policies to generate new business leads whenever a property you upload a policy for is listed for sale.

The world’s fastest growing title companies trust us with their policies.

Our Mission

Razi enables a more efficient title transfer by providing insanely fast and accurate access to prior policies.

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